Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 3 - Castles, Plays and ACC Football

Today we took a jaunt out of the city to a real castle - Windsor, in the town of like name. This is a real, modern castle (in relative terms) unlike the Tower of London (i.e. people live here).  After a Tube ride to Paddington Station we caught a First Great Western train to Slough and then hopped another to Windsor. Windsor is the perfect picturesque English village with shops and pubs etc. plus it has a massive stone structure lording over it on a hill above.  The current queen and family (we did not see Kate - booooo!) spend lots of time here and host state events as well that you may have seen on TV.  It sadly suffered a fire in 1992.

   Thankfully it was restored--here is what it looks like today.

It is quite an impressive place. If you want to read more about it, here is the Wikipedia link: Castle Bits. After a very nice tour (always get the little audio devices they hand out) we walked through the village on the way back to the train and met a guy named Eddie in front of his restaurant. Eddie recognized Rambler Hance's Virginia Tech shirt and said he was a FSU Seminoles fan. Naturally, a man that knows not only American Football but the ACC variety very well in this part of the world deserves attention, so we stopped and chatted.  He was delightful and really does love college football. He knew all about the Hokies' recent struggles and after a good chat, we had worked up a tailgate-style hunger so we decided to have lunch in Eddie's establishment.

We had a English lunch of bangers and mash, fish and chips, and of course Rambler Hance had the nectar of the English lords - Guinness - while Rambler Jane enjoyed a cocktail made with Pimms.  We posed with Eddie for pictures.

You can see that the establishment was quite old; 1645 was listed on the outside.

Here is Eddie and your Ramblers executing their teams symbol (Rambler Jane needs practice!). Eddie is very good at the 'chop', one of your Ramblers least favority things to see, but he was so nice--what can you say.

If you are in Windsor, look up Eddie at Drury House - Turners Restaurant at Drury House.

After catching the train back to London and taking a sojourn, we had a lovely dinner prepared early for us in the restaurant at The Stafford (Thanks Virtuoso Travel) and then set off to the Globe Theater to watch a (chilly) outdoor production of Shakespeare's King John.  Fortunately for us, blankets and seat cushions were available for rent.  Here are some shots from each.

The Globe Theater was rebuilt to try and match its look and appearance in Shakespeare's time, thatch roof and all.

This was just a cool picture of St. Paul's Cathedral we took on the walk back to the train station.

This was a full day so time for sleep. Tomorrow is another walking fest to Westminster Abbey and other local tourist haunts.

Until then, keep rambling.

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