Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 5 - Anthony West, A Big Museum and a Park for Alex

Our last day in London we scheduled clean up items from the agenda. First was to find and visit St. Dunstan's and All Saints in Stepney where Rambler Hance's earliest American ancester Anthony West was married. Another Tube ride to the east end and we found it. This the London far away from the cosmopolitan world of Mayfair.  It is a working class type neighborhood with small shops and a mix of houses and high rise apartment buildings, and has a strong Muslim contingent of residents.  St. Dunstan's is located right in the middle, same as it ever has been. We wandered through as a small child care effort taking place in the sanctuary, took some photos, wrote in the guestbook and departed. Besides its age, which predates the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the other unique quality is that the outside has walls made of a stone that is or is similar to flint.  Here's some pics:

The font

Flint exterior

Our next stop was the British Museum. You could spend a whole day or even two or three in this structure. It really is amazing.  We elected to follow the "if you have an hour, see these ten things" plan, which took us all over the place. The highlight was the Rosetta Stone.

The Lewis Chessmen, likely one of the first chess sets

Rosetta Stone

The final stop of the day was Hyde Park for Alex's sake, because Mario and Luigi went there during the 2012 Olympics.  We merely skimmed the eastern edge.

An event was being set up for later

After that, we hit a pub for our last pint of Guinness (and a cidre for Rambler Jane) and went back to the hotel to grab some dinner at a local Italian place called Getti. It was very good food.

Tomorrow we are off to France.

Until then,  keep rambling.

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