Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 9 - A Picnic in the Park, A Fashion Encounter and Our Last Dinner

Sunday was our last day in Paris and our hotel had a special outing for us as part of our Virtuoso Package--a picnic lunch. They gave us a bagette, a mix of cheeses, some butter (French butter is the best!), jam and a bottle of white wine.  We chose the Luxembourg Gardens as our picnic spot. It was was right down the street from our hotel. We found a shady spot next to the Medici Fountain and set up shop.  You can't ask for much more than this:

After our picnic, we strolled around and ran into a fashion outing of some kind. Paris Fashion Week was in play. Several complementary cars were evident as well as a lot of photographers taking lots of pics of people we did not know. We strolled several blocks with this fellow and his entourage but have no clue who he is. Fashionistas we are not.

After a full day, we went another direction in our section of town for dinner and followed a recommendation from the hotel to go to Chez Fernand.  We had filets and potatoes dauphoise with an escargot starter. It was very good.

Tomorrow we head home so time to hit the hay.

Until then, keep rambling.

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